Xmas tree stands


The end of December is a wonderful and magical time of year filled with fun and pleasant to watch. Buying gifts, picking out an outfit, preparing a menu and list of invited guests. But the culmination of the holiday is decorating the Christmas tree. To keep the forest beauty stable, you need to get a special stand. To find a suitable stand is not difficult. They differ in material from which made, and the type of attachment.

Kinds of stands for Christmas trees

The most popular are the plastic stands. They have a bucket located on the folding legs. This design prolongs the fresh look of pine or fir due to the small bucket, filled with water, wet sand or sawdust. The tree trunk is fixed vertically with a plastic or metal mount. Sometimes, however, such stands are not very presentable, what easy to fix with beautiful pad cover. Also stands for Christmas trees are:

  • wooden — have the form cross with hole for the barrel in the center of the design;
  • metal — it is a reliable and affordable option. Usually metal stands are used for street fir-trees, but also there are small wrought iron models;
  • combined — stands, usually belonging to the class of luxury models.

Kind of stands should choose on the basis of artificial spruce or alive. For a living tree is better to buy a sturdy metal or plastic stand with a special reservoir for water. However, be aware that the plastic is quite brittle material, so for large trees it is not suitable. Also stands for Christmas trees differ in the method of fastening the wood:

  • fit of the tree trunk — the most time-consuming method, in which the barrel is worn down to the diameter of a circle stand. It is not usually required for stand-cross;
  • side clips — the most convenient and popular method of attachment. The tree trunk is secured by several springs on the sides. For reliability of fixing the bottom of the stand is additionally equipped with a stop-pin;
  • threaded hole — using a special machine in the bottom of the trunk that a hole is drilled, allowing you to firmly fix the tree on a metal rod.

When buying a stand for Christmas tree you must not only consider parameters such as the material and method of fixing. Also important design of stand, and comparability it with the size of the tree.

Useful tips

The most important criterion when choosing a stand for the tree is its height. For a massive tree with a wide crown is necessary to choose a reliable wide stand. The larger diameter of the stand is the better stability. The range of products allows you to choose the stand according to the height of eating and weight. If the tree will be installed in the street, it is recommended to choose stand with optional mount in the ground using bolts and cables.

You can show Christmas tree in all its glory by setting it on a rotating stand. Round and flat podium on which is fixed the tree that connects to your home network. Company "Elki" provides a wide range of stands from the best manufacturers of Russia, Germany and the United States. Therefore, to find a suitable model in color, size or material will be much easier.